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Andy K


I currently play AP2  714's (4 - PW) with KBS Tour Stiff shafts soft stepped one time.  I want to now add the Gap Wedge.  Just curious; since they are soft-stepped, what shaft would go in the gap wedge?  Or is it impossible to follow the pattern because a wedge shaft is a wedge shaft?

Thanks in advance.


Bubba, TT Staff

Hi Andy, 

Thanks for the post. 

When I would fit individuals for shafts in their GW I often found it was best to keep the same specs as the rest of the irons. Many times, individuals want to use their GW as an extension of their irons. For this reason, I would lean towards going with the KBS soft stepped. However, I would strongly urge trying the GW out with a local fitter before you buy anything.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.