CB Seingweight in Custom Order

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Adrian V

So I just ordered myself the 714 CB with a Project X 6.0 and Multicompound Midsize +2 Will the Swingweight be adjusted with the Grips on or off? So it suits the Swingweight of the Iron I tried but which had the Standard grip? Thanks :)
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Cameron D


The swing weight will account for the grips and extra wraps. 




Adrian, Titleist does a great job with this...all my clubs have +4 with grips and they always do a fantastic job of hitting the swingweight number!

Adrian V

Good to know, First Set of Titleist for med so really excited ;)

But was a Little upset about the upcharges for the MC Grip and Project X Shafts.

Anyways Thank You Chris!

Adrian V

Thanks for the Information Cameron!:)