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I'm in Belgium and I was wondering were the best fitters are in my area, or even in Europe for a broader perspective.  I have no problem traveling to my neighbouring countries to get a perfect fitting.  I presume a good fitting involves, static measurements, dynamich measurements with impact tape and lieboard, trackman, and offcourse outdoors to see the resulting ballflight with your own eyes.  Everything with decent balls instead of rangeballs too ?!

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Below is a list of upcoming Titleist TPM days that should be closer to Belgium.  I will continue to post these European events as they are made available to me.  Hope this helps.



Apparently in the United Kingdom there are 3 national fitting centres in Edinburgh, Maynooth and Huntingdon.  I can imagine they offer added value to the fitting experience.  Are there national fitting centres in Belgium, Germany, France or any other European country too ?


I'm also based.

I'm sharing the feeling of my fellow country mand.

I missed a fitting day in a golfclub in the Netherlands last week.

Any idea when a new fitting event is scheduled in Belgium/Netherlands/france/Germany ?





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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Rudy, Bart,  I have asked our Belgium office to email you and assist you in finding a fitter and fitting in Belgium or nearby.  He should be contacting you shortly.

Alvaro A

Hi Cathi,

Can you please ask your Belgium office to contact me too to find a fitter?


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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Alvaro,  They should be contacting you shortly.