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More Stadium Golf?

Hey, everyone.This weekend on the PGA Tour, a big part of the story at TPC Scottsdale is going to be how players handle the pressure on the par-3 16th...

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I've always wondered what specs the pros are using. Is there a reason titleist does not post the specs of clubs their...

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Looks like Butch is the Man

So early in the season, and BH has already racked up 2 wins with his students. Do you think he'll get more. Has anyone...

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The Duf Wins

It's nice to see Jason Dufner get the win today. He played very well down the stretch and during the playoff.

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Caddy aligning players

I was wondering how everyone felt about the practice of caddies standing behind players when players are preparing to hit tee...

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Withdrawal symptoms

I know it's Christmas time and all that but is anyone else suffering from major withdrawal symptoms as there is no golf...

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