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Christian F

Is there any way you guys could tell me how the pro's warm up or how they simply practice in their off time. I think it would'nt just help me but maybe more amatuars out there..

James B

Most of them have their own way of warming up. Most of them start with a wedge on the range and work their way up to the driver. That is the best way to get loose and work on your game. I see a lot of guys walk on the driving range, pull out the driver and start slamming away. Without even stretcing first ! take 15-30 min to stretch out. use a club weight (or put 2 clubs together) and take slow swings for about 5 min. then start on the range. Thats' what I do and it works well for me.

Neil H


Cameron D


I know this is pretty generic, but take a look at this article (below).  I read this a while ago and dug it up.  Sometimes out Titleist Tour Players will post videos of warm-up tips and training tips on Team Titleist and TPI.



Hey Cameron,

Thanks for sharing that artile that you had. Some really great insite!

Thanks again.