Alot Of Tour Players using 906f?

Started by : Hunter G |

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Hunter G

Why is it that alot of tour players are listed as using the 906f fairway wood? what makes them use that over the newer equiptment

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

You are right Neil - several of the guys are just very comfortable with their fairways and want to stay with what works.  In last weeks match play event, Titleist was tied for number 1 in fairway metals played. Some of those players playing the older models are playing a mix like Jason Dufner who plays a 910 13.5° and kept his 906 18° and Zach Johnson who plays a 910 15° and a 909 18.5°.  The majority of our players have made the full switch to the 910 model.

Hunter G

Thanks. When rory said he switched what did he switch to the 910 or the 906 they didnt really say

Skylar T

The 906 just has a simple, compact, classic look and feel to it that makes it so hard to make a switch.  Once they find something they like... they stick with it.