Go Rors !!

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Christian J

So well done of Rory to keep cool during this weeks PGA tour event.

What will be his next target? Another Major? Who knows....

He is no.1. no more to say.....

Already has a Major and is only 22.



I will continue cheering for you during this season too.

Go Rory!

Neil H

well said!


Who knows with this kid! Sky is the limit!

Graeme D

While he is the best player in the world right now, and I don't think there's any doubt about it, staying at number 1 will be a challenge.  Both Luke Donald and Lee Westwood can take over the number 1 position depending on how things shake out at the week's WGC event. To answer your question I would say staying number 1 will be his overall focus for the coming future.  Obviously the guy's good enough to win every single week he's out there, so that'll be his goal week-in-week-out.

One thing is for sure, we'll all be cheering for him.  He's a great kid who can swing it better than anyone.

Cody D

Love watching Rory ascend to #1...only thing is is that I have enjoyed TW slowly find his game again! I feel that even though Rory won the tourney it will be overshadowed by TWs push back into the spotlight. Similar to when Adam Scott won last year (forgot the tourney) and it was overshadowed by Steve Williams. Its gonna be fun again with Rory, TW and Phil.

Skylar T


I think 2 majors could be a possibility this year with the way he is playing. Pulling for him at Augusta. 

Nunzio D


Enough said!