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Started by : Eric S., Team Titleist Staff |

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Team Titleist Staff

Eric S., Team Titleist Staff

G'morning, TT.

As you may have seen over on the Tour Blog, Team Titleist is heading down to Charlotte in a few days for the Wells Fargo Championship. The goal is to meet up with as many Titleist players as possible over the three practice days, and bring back some great content for the site.

But before we hop a plane to Quail Hollow, we wanted to check if you have questions for any specific players in the field.

Some of the guys we're planning to chat with includes: Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, Kyle Stanley, Geoff Ogilvy and Ben Curtis.

Have a question for Rory, Lee, Kyle, Geoff or Ben? Just respond to this this thread with your question and we'll do our best to get you an answer.

Also, if you have a question for any of the other Titleist players in the field, feel free to send it a long. (For an updated field list, click here:

Thanks for your help! We'll be in touch.

william r

I am very interested in knowing the average driver length of the team Titleist tour players... if you would be so kind maybe you could ask a few of them what thier driver length is and why, and then what thier 3 wood length is and why... Respectfully... Bill in Maine

Tom S.

Hello Guys, A question for Lee, When are going to be switching to TITLEIST clubs? Good Luck Lee Ill be watching you! Thxs Tom S.

robert o

Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana 'ahina 72 . I've noticed this shaft selling for $300.00 plus. Is the one made for Titleist the same or a cheaper version ? Specs also don't match up ? I've had this shaft for about 8 months now and the shaft is making cracking sounds. Robert

Brad S

Hi i would just like to say to Rory that he can come come for a round in New Zealand whenever he likes

Nate S

For Rory,

I am a 13 year old junior and I am reaching the point in my game where I need to shave off the last 5 strokes off my handicap. I am a terrific putter and have a solid short game. My real problem is distance and consistency. What are some good ways to practice these?


Nate S

Josh G

For any TT players,

How often do you visit the Titleist tour van?  When you do, what's your agenda?


Since I live across the street from the course, I'd like to ask if any of the player's need a caddy or chauffeur for the week :)?

AAron L

Webb Simpson 

could we see an updated what's in the bag ? I'm interested in what he is playing right now.