Titleist Staff Bag Rain Cover

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While watching today's telecast of The Open, I saw a Staff Bag Rain Cover.  Not a hood, but a complete bag cover.  Has anyone seen this before?  Are they available for purchase, or will they be available for purchase?


Seaforth is the most popular staff rain cover on tour...both full bag and/or top cover.  Comes from Canada...very nice product.


Saw Stricker using one of these on sunday at the WGC bridgestone. Pretty cool had never seen one before.


Thank you for the information.  This looks like an awesome product and is very reasonably priced.  Sorry for the delayed response, I just saw you had responded to my post - I must need to check my settings because I thought it would send me an email when there was a response.

Thanks again,

Fred C

Chris, I ordered the Seaforth cover and it arrived this week. We haven't had much rain of late, but this unit is excellent. Between all of my FJ rain gear and this, I'm ready for about anything. One note: PM  had the Seaforth cover on his bag this morning while warming up at the PGA.


Fred - would love to get a review on this item from you.  What bag are you using it with?  Can you post some pics?


Fred C

Scott, it has gathers so it fits my Titleist staff bag and Titleist carry bag equally well. It also has snaps that fit the Titleist snaps to stay put more securely. It really is a better rain hood that I wish I had last September at the FJA invitational.

Todd T

I've seen them on Japanese sites for stand bags!