Deutsche Bank Championship - Fed Ex Cup

I am excited for this tournament.  It has become our end of summer event.  We open our house for friends and family to come and go.  We live just a short distance off of the 6th green and have been going since the tour started coming through.

Any guesses on a winner or too early need to see the Barclay's 1st?  I am guessing Rors will love the place and tear it up with his new 913's in play.

Hope to see some of you TT friends and colleagues out and about.




That is awesome! I would love to live there or let alone on a golf course.  I'm with you, I would bet on Rory to do something big here or during the palyoff.  However, I have a feeling we might see a little Phil Magic in the playoffs.  Look out though for TW as he has a chance every week to win.  I'm going to pick DJ as sleeper though.  Won one during the playofs last year, and I think he could again.