Who is the best Titleist Staff Player

In my opinion it would be anybody who plays Titleist because Titleist is such a great company and they are obviously the #1 in everything in golf!

Scott Piercy looked great at the waste management tourney this weekend. 

Duffner is definatly playing great right now, but with that said, I really like Zach's game.  He plays well year in and year out and seems to do it with a lot of class.

I would have to go with Zach Johnson.  He is probably the player I most try to mirror my game after.

As far as consistency ,Dufner right now. Steve Stricker is my 2nd choice even though  he is cutting way back  on his schedule. It actually may help him.

My vote would have been for Rors, but since he joined the dark side of the force, I have to go with Dufner.  I love how calm is always is, even in pressure packed situations.  You can tell if he's 5 over or 5 under when you look at him.

I had a hard time picking between Duff, and Stricker, but I went with Stricker since he is so consistant. I agree with you about Fowler. Don't know why sports casters are so high on him. I'm not sure that Titleist backs him or not. He does use a Titleist ball, but all his other equipment is Cobra. Titleist owned Cobra at one time, but I don't think they do anymore.

Adam Scott for sure.

yeah i like dufner

I have to go with Scott. His game is finally started to take off, he has one of the smoothest swings in golf

I like Zach Johnson I hope he goes on a hot streak. 

Webb Simpson won the US open last year and had 7 top 10's

Dufnah or Simpson....Adam Scott needs to win a major!

I think adam scott still has the most potential. His swing is still awesome.

Bill Haas anyone??  I feel its a matter of time before he starts winning and is suddenly everyones favorite.  From what Ive seen he seems to be a humble, level headed guy with good family values.  He's got my vote!