Who is the best Titleist Staff Player

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Henry T

Choose you you think is the best Titleist Staff Player

Who do you think is the best Titleist golfer on Tour?

  • Adam Scott (29.3%)
  • Jason Dufner (37.4%)
  • Zach Johnson (4.1%)
  • Steve Stricker (17.9%)
  • Webb Simpson (6.5%)
  • Other (4.9%)
  • Total Votes: 123

Jim L

Scott Piercy looked great at the waste management tourney this weekend. 

james o

Duffner is definatly playing great right now, but with that said, I really like Zach's game.  He plays well year in and year out and seems to do it with a lot of class.


I would have to go with Zach Johnson.  He is probably the player I most try to mirror my game after.

andy r

As far as consistency ,Dufner right now. Steve Stricker is my 2nd choice even though  he is cutting way back  on his schedule. It actually may help him.

Dallin H

My vote would have been for Rors, but since he joined the dark side of the force, I have to go with Dufner.  I love how calm is always is, even in pressure packed situations.  You can tell if he's 5 over or 5 under when you look at him.


I had a hard time picking between Duff, and Stricker, but I went with Stricker since he is so consistant. I agree with you about Fowler. Don't know why sports casters are so high on him. I'm not sure that Titleist backs him or not. He does use a Titleist ball, but all his other equipment is Cobra. Titleist owned Cobra at one time, but I don't think they do anymore.

Connor I.

Adam Scott for sure.

clayton t

yeah i like dufner

Jimmy B

I have to go with Scott. His game is finally started to take off, he has one of the smoothest swings in golf

Chris T

I like Zach Johnson I hope he goes on a hot streak. 

Abaram G

Webb Simpson won the US open last year and had 7 top 10's

Sean Mac

Dufnah or Simpson....Adam Scott needs to win a major!

Johnny C

I think adam scott still has the most potential. His swing is still awesome.

Nick J

Bill Haas anyone??  I feel its a matter of time before he starts winning and is suddenly everyones favorite.  From what Ive seen he seems to be a humble, level headed guy with good family values.  He's got my vote!