US Open just around the corner

Started by : Josh G |

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Josh G

Looking at the pairings got me all fired up to watch the US Open next week. I'd love to see Adam light it up again, especially with the star studded group he's in. Should be fun.
Who are you guys pulling for?

Curtis M

Zach Johnson or Steve Stricker.    Same 2 guys I always pick!!

Ron C

Like to see Westwood win.  Just need to get his ball striking back to go with his improved short game.


David Browning

I'd love to see Adam pull off 2 in a row, then 3, then 4. The "Aussie Slam". Although Stricker and Dufner are good picks. As long as it's a Titleist Staffer or ball player, I'll be pleased.


I'd like to see Webb Simpson repeat. What a great ambassador for Titleist and the game of golf.

I like Striker, Duff,  Zach and Adam in there as well.  Go Team Titleist!

Hopefully weather won't be too much of a negative factor and we can see some great traditional US Open play, Firm and Fast.