Jordan Spieth New Contract?!?

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Just curious with the brass if Jordan got a new contract with Titleist? Last time I saw his golf bag it was an all black Under Armour.
Now in this weeks tour picks I see he has a new staff bag? Either way great job to the staff for getting the deal done. I look forward to continued success for Jordan this week and years to come.




David Browning

Cameron D


You are correct.  Just a few days ago, Jordan signed a full line contract with Titleist.  We are extremely excited to have Jordan join the Titleist family.



I just knew he'd be a Titleist Staffer. He fits the Titleist image very well. I'm excited, too, that he chose Titleist. I know that he used Titleist throughout his junior years til this very day. You couldn't have made a better choice Jordan! The Titleist Team will take great care of you!

Dr. Kovatchian

Congrats Jordan!!!!!

I'm hoping to see at Stricker Spieth Grouping in next weeks Presidents Cup Matches!!!!!



Awesome for both Titleist & Jordan!   I hope he can remain in the Titleist stable for some time to come.

Todd T

Great to see these guys stick around......  Look at the others that bailed, fail!

Fred C

Hopefully, he also signed up fully with FJ.


Fred C

Hopefully, he also signed up fully with FJ.

Awesome that Jordan joined Titleist!!  I doubt FJ too thought because I heard he has a big money deal with UA.

Hopefully the Titleist deal will get him a new hat!  Hate that UA hat he's always wearing.

Josh G

Jordan couldn't be a better brand ambassador.  I'm sure he'll up the team's win total in 2014.  Nice job, and yes, give the kid a hat!


Glad to see he's staying with Titleist. (Maybe he should give Rory a call ?) 

Are there any other contracts out there? I 'm just wondering if we'll see any other players move to Titleist for 2014? 



stuart c

This is great news.  Does anyone know what 3 wood he is going to play?  Specs on his other clubs? 


Fred C

Hopefully, he also signed up fully with FJ.

i'm hoping the same thing!  or at least stays with FJ shoes.

Matthew P

nice job titelist!!!! he is the future in golf

Jake P

He is using the TM rb stg 2 3 wood, but the rest of his bag is Titliest.

Greg K

Awesome, good to see that hard work pays off!!!!!

Stephen M

glad to see one of the "young guns" stay with the brand that helped them get to where they are today, rather than following the almighty dollar and struggling.  I am looking forward to seeing Jordan play more in the upcoming season.