New Tour Van 2014

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The Titleist Tour Leadership Team on the PGA Tour has a new home away from home.  It is a new Tour Van, an18-wheeler that is 42 feet long and weighs 35+ tons when fully loaded. 

Dave, our Titleist Senior Technical Representative for PGA Tour designed the new "Van" from scratch with input from all 10 of the Tour Leadership group that calls this van home.  We had a chance to see the new Trailer and it was very impressive - here are a couple of pictures of Dave, Peter and the new Tour Van.

Thanks to Dave and Pete for giving us the Tour and showing off their new digs!


Would be awesome to take a tour of it and get the clubs adjusted.  Or really just to be a fly on the wall during tournament prep.

Thanks for sharing.



Cathi - Thanks for sharing the photos.  That is an awesome set-up.  Tell them that they can swing by my house anytime.  

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Its hard to see from the pics, but this is very roomy and has everything the guys need, including a lounge for the players,- it even has a Vokey wedge room so Bob and Aaron can work on wedges separately. 

Todd T

Guess the only thing it needs is a potty room... Well done!

Jason C

The new tour van looks awesome and worthy of the Titleist name!

Gabe B

The new truck looks awesome guys. I have had the pleasure of touring the van a couple of years ago at TPC Scottsdale. Even though they were very busy the guys were great. They took the time to give us a great tour and explain all the happenings behind the scenes. It was an incredible experience.

David Browning

Thanks for sharing! 

I'll start packing my bags. I can sleep near the Titleist table. It could be my new home!

John L

who needs a factory when you got that bad boy. nice digs. whats the plan for the old one. just kidding looks like our staffers will be well taken care of.

cheers greens and fairways to all


Fred C


Would be awesome to take a tour of it and get the clubs adjusted.  Or really just to be a fly on the wall during tournament prep.

Thanks for sharing.


You are not alone in your desire, Tim. Hmmm....I wonder if we can sneak a  view during the Colonial this year?

Josh G

That looks like the garage in my dreams

Aaron D

This a sweet new ride! I wish i could see it in person and so how everything is put together.


That's a great looking setup!  Would be awesome to see it "in action" during a tournament. 

Dr. Kovatchian

WOW that is one Monster Truck!!!!

Pretty Impressive way to travel and have all the technology the pros need to tweak and test their clubs at tour stops.

How many miles do hey log in a tour season?

Dr. K

Andrew A

Awesomeness on wheels!!! 

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

They log about 40,000 miles in a season

Greg P

I see why the boys are smiling...

Dallin H

Going inside there would be like getting a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Amazing pictures...thanks for sharing!!!

Jayson J

Looks like you need  a driver. I would driver that all year. Let me know if you need a driver.

Jan-Ivan L

Pete looks WAY too happy in there!


Stunning!  What a machine!  Hope to get a inside look at it sometime this year!

Congrats to the best brand in the world!


Andrew H

How cool would it be to just sit on that couch and listen in on conversations in there? 

andy r

Very impressive set up , I am sure the guys are very happy with it. Does it travel to every tour stop ?

If so I will check it out the week of the Traveler.s here in CT

Curtis M

Nice!!    Hiring for any positions????   :)

Larry S

Awesome truck! Titleist is always first class. Proud to be a loyal customer for years.