Do you have any questions for the pros?

Hi, John.

Mike is down at the Honda this week, but I wanted to get back to you concerning your post.

Please be advised that the website you referred to is not affiliated with Acushnet Company in any way.  As you may be aware, there has been an enormous  increase in the number of websites that offer counterfeit product for sale, especially at prices that seem "too good to be true".  We always recommend that you make your Acushnet purchase through an authorized Titleist dealer.  A list of local retailers can be found at the below link:

Thanks very much for the post.


Thank you Rick.  I always purchase from reputable dealers and was looking for advice to share with my golf friends.  have a great day.

How often do they changes wedges is one question I would have for the great Titleist tour pro's.

Hey, Mike!

My questions to all of them would be concerning injuries and pain.

When to stop.  When to push through.  When to come back.

Thanks so much!


I would also like to know how often do they change balls during a round. Any golf ball superstitions, that lead to changing the ball? Do they ever save a ball?

They all are great ball strikers, but what seperates the great ones on Sundays are those flat sticks.  How do they stay focused and in the zone with so many distractions?

Since some of us play in conditions usually not met on the Tour, could you tell us how cold weather (35 degrees and above)

effects the distance the ball will fly. It seems to be a continual guessing game especially if wind is evident. Thanks.