Congrats to Kevin Na and Staff/Ball players at the 2014 Memorial!

Started by : David Browning |

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David Browning

I have to admit, for a while there, I was a little worried about Kevin. However, his game is starting to look better and better. TONS of great shots! 

There were a lot of Titleist Staff Players/Ball Players who finished a top of the leader board and played well during the tournament. 

Congratulations everybody! It was a pleasure watching you guys play/practice. 

David Browning

Yes, him and his family are very nice people. A couple of years ago, when my mother was at the Village with me, I was watching him putting in a good practice. I looked around...couldn't find my mother. Not in the clubhouse. Long story short, she was talking up a storm with Mr. and Mrs. Na. That ended up being a great day.