Who is your favorite Titleist Staffer?

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Steve B

Just curious who is everyone's favorite Titleist Staff Player?  My favorite player is Bo Van Pelt.  I was so happy to see him join Titleist and he had an incredible year after making the switch. 


Tough question Jim.  These guys are all so good and each has a distinct personality.  I can only hope Rocco signs with Titleist after winning with AP2s.  He would be my guy.

Jay Lee

I have to say Rickie Fowler. B/c I'm young I'm partial to the new wave of young guys coming and being named rookie of the year is a huge honor for him and I think he deserved it. LETS HAVE ANOTHER GREAT SEASON RICKIE!!!


I would also have to say Steve Stricker. He is great with the putter!

Steve B

Yeah Deno,

I like Rocco as well.  The Frys.com was an awesome tournament.  Watching Bo three putt seventeen was tough but watching Rocco win like he did was incredible. 

Andrew A

I would say Rickie Fowler also. He had a handfull of top 10's and 2 runner-ups in his Rookie Year! I think he's got the right attitude and game to be next top 5 in the world. He hasn't got a win yet but he did show in the ryder cup that he can make putts under pressure. and I measure a players skill on how well they play under a lot of pressure. 

chris d

I pretty much like em all....right now I really like Ricky, Rory, and Stricker


Brad Faxon - he has given a lot back to the game with his involvement in the Button Hole program (kids golf program in Providence, RI) and the CVS Charity Classic (along with his fellow Rhode Islander, Billy Andrade). 

D. Angus

I like Adam Scott... He is sort of a face for Titleist.  His game hasn't been the greatest in the past few years, but I believe he's coming around; ready to have a good year!  No doubt, he's still a great player.

ryan s

fowler, matteo, stricks, and rory.

Josh G

Adam Scott and Steve Stricker.  

I really love the way Stricker plays, and he seems like a really good guy.  Adam Scott because he has unbeatable style, and is a guy that I've been routing for since the first time I saw him.  He's got amazing putters, and he's very accessible to his fans.  

Ricky is up there too.

Ryan S

I'd have to Steve Stricker, Ricky Fowler, and Zack Johnson.  3 different styles but I love their games and how the carry themselves.

Jacob Nelson

rory is man!!!

owen p

my favorite is either Rory Mcilroy or Nick Watney.

John L

Ricky and Rory, Their both very entertaining to watch and i am looking forward to watching them in 2011, But all of the Titleist players are great Zach Johnson is always enjoyable to watch he plays a very solid game. Gool luck to all this up coming season.


I like Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy.  Both guys have great golf swings.  If Adam Scott is putting well, he is tough to beat.  He's always a great tee to green player.

Mike W

Zack Johnson: his game is beautiful to watch. Plays to his strengths and doesn't get caught up in what others are doing. Never see him doing anything but smiling on the course and stuffing irons.


My favourite Titleist Staff player is Rory McIlory.2nd place include a tie between Watney, Matteo and Fisher and Stricker.

These guys are all easy to cheer for being humble and are great players. Hopefully they all  have a great year in 2011.

Jason P

Steve B....first off from your picture, thank you so very much!  To your question, Ian Poulter.  I believe in shorts and a t-shirt (polo when necessary) on the golf course, but Poulter is one guy you can't cheer against because of the clothes.  Watch him on Playing Lessons from the Pros on the Golf Channel & he is just another guy (while he wore shorts).  The list is huge when it comes to guys playing Titleist clubs or balls, but I wish the best of luck to him in 2011!


I like Adam Scott, but Rory is coming on strong.  I love both of their swings.

Tyler H

Steve Stricker all the way.


Gotta love the young gun Ricky Fowler and I also like Bill Haas alot.  Bill's pretty low key but what a great ball striker!

Steve B

Thanks everyone for their input,

By the looks of it, we have a lot of guys pulling for Rory and Ricky with the occasional Stricker and Johnson fans along the way.  Not much love for my guy, Bo Van Pelt, but I hope a few big wins in 2011 will change that!!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!!!



I like Bo.  I think this will be his year to move up in the standings.  He's got the game.


Dustin D

Rickie Fowler would have to be mine.

Cathy E

Not only is Steve Stricker my favorite Titleist staffer, he's my favorite golfer!  There are lots of players I am a fan of, but when it comes down to who I think emulates what golf is all about for me, Steve Stricker embodies that better than anyone else.

I'm so hoping 2011 is the year he can record is first Major!

(saw my first Masters commercial on ESPN yesterday and they've already got me excited... and it's only January!)

Ryan K

Adam Scott, without a doubt. Most sound swing on tour and he's a styling guy. His class represents Titleist. 

Michael W

Gotta agree with you hear. Stricker is just a really classy professional and I like because he just gets it done. He's not the longest hitter out there but has an excellent wedge game and is always grinding. Adam Scott because he has a gorgeous swing and because of his awesome equipment.

Geoffrey B

I have to also agree. Steve just has so much class and acts so professional. 

Scott B

I pull for both Steve Stricker and Zach Johnson.  They seem like very classy guys and they're from the upper midwest.  Rory is also fun to watch play.


I like Zach Johnson and Steve Stricker.  

Ben M

Definitely Rickie Fowler, because he is a great golfer, and I love the style, and happened to already dress that way my self.  Also, he also makes a great effort to sign autographs and talk to the fans.  He personally signed my orange puma hat this year, and it really made my day.  Rory McIllroy is also very close to the top on my list.



Hope both of them have a great season this year!!


After listening to Kyle Stanley answer our Qs, it's apparent that Titleist is supporting some great new Pros. Of course the tried and true Stricker, Johnson, Van Pelt, McIlroy, and Fowler are well worthy of being fan favorites,   I like Kyle's attitude and he seems to be a great addition to the Tour Staff.


Steve B


I completely agree.  I will definitely be pulling for him this year.  Great player with a great attitude.  Glad to see him with Titleist. 


Right now, my favorite is Steve Stricker because of his humility and great putting.


Another one of my favorites is Briny Baird. My dad got invited to the HP Byron Nelson Pro Am and I caddied for my dad. We played with Briny and he was an awesome guy, an excellent player, and most importantly, a Titleist player.

Daniel P

Rory McIlroy, only being 3 years older than I am, I am completely jealous of his swing! Its hard not to like a 21 year old with a boat load of talent!

chris d

bill haas an d gary woodland

Zack B

i say Rickie Fowler as like these other guys here said cause im young as wellbut if i had to pick a older team staffer it be charley hoffman even tho he turn pro back in 2007 i think i still like him hes seems like a cool guy

Chris B

Bill's a great young golfer. I'd love to have his swing and tempo

Lefty MJ

Stricker, Haas, Mahan, Rory

Seth R

Gary Woodland! That dude is crazy long. Plus I beat him a few times in high school so that makes it even better he is out there playin with the big boys!

chris d


Zack B

rory mcilroy is my first but i have others as well 

AAron L

Nick Watney followed by Zach Johnson.

Cam S

Couldn't have said it better myself :) He did exactly the same thing for me today at the canadian open


I have a few in order of preference:

- Stricker (class)

- Watney (young gun)

- Fowler (young gun)

- McIlroy (young gun)

- Z. Johnson (just cuz he's from Iowa)

I have to add Ben Crane too purely on the Golf Boys video alone... :-)

Corey S

Nick Watney, easily. Not just Titleist, favorite golfer.

dale c

So many great staffers!! Great question, Stricker, Z. Johnson, R. Fowler would be in my top 3. These are stand up guys!!

Joschka Buchholz

1. Rory McIlroy 2. Rickie Fowler (even through I've heard he plays Mizuno) 3. Nick Watney

Corey S

Joschka B
1. Rory McIlroy 2. Rickie Fowler (even through I've heard he plays Mizuno) 3. Nick Watney
You heard wrong on Fowler.

Lefty FPL

My favorite players are Adam Scott now with Stevie on his bag I feel he is in for break through and Steve Stricker… if I could only putt like him !!

Austin M

Rickie has never played mizuno clubs before... But I would have to say either Nick Watney, Rickie Fowler, or Rory

Robert R

Brad Faxon & Steve Stricker, Fax does lots of charity work. Both are golfers we all should aspire to act like!1



My hands down favorite for 10 years was DLIII, but last time I checked, treason was still punishable by firing squad. My new favorite is Webb Simpson, followed by McIlroy, Wagner, Duffner, then Stricker. I have my reason's for each, but this is my list.

Domenico E

 RORY MCILROY allllll the way. He has a sweet swing, is young, sick follow through, and is from the same town as my great great grandparents (COunty Down)


mine is christy kerr!! shes a tough player who is set on winning, and works to get better no matter what she shots in her last round.


What?  No love for Webb Simpson on here?  I love Stricker and Rickie too, but Simpson is proving himself as a guy who can handle the pressure of being in the spotlight.


Nick Watney is da man!!


Ryan O'Toole



Adam Scott.

A.J. H

If only Bo could win...

Kyle H

Rory or Rickie. I'm a high school kid, so i like the young guys.

scott m

Brad Faxon. A NE guy who never fogets his roots. He gives and gives and gives. Putts like a maniac


If you are ever going to caddie for a PGA Tour player, Nick Watney is a great choice.

Bill H

Zack Johnson is my favorite. I tend to root for the Christian golfers like Zack and Aaron Baddely, Webb Simpson, Bubba Watson, Ricky Fowler, and Ben Crane.

Eric V

I'm going to say Rory.  He just seems like a normal kid.  Someone you would wanna grab a beer with.

peter o

I have to say Rory is becoming a class act and he seems a really nice guy, unlike many of the overpaid spoilt footballers here in the UK. I quite like his girlfriend...... In a tennis sense of course pete

Todd T

Steve Stricker by a mile...Cool and easy going!

Chris W

I am a big fan of Nick Watney. Let's his game speak for itself and has a lot of humility! Popular guy among his peers and that says a lot about his character. There are so many pros that deserve accolades...crazy talented and hard working to be so great at such a difficult sport!

Sam S

Adam Scott. He is an all aroung good player and has golf swagger like none other.

Mark V

Steve Stricker, the senior Titleist ambassador, is my favorite - 4-peat at the John Deer and will contend in a Major- He's Mr 63  remember.

It would be fun to cheer for Rocco as a Titleist Staffer too.

Justin M

Nick Watney and Gary Woodland

Tom S.

Zach Johnson! But they are all really good.


My Fab 5 would be, Stricker, Scott, Woodland, Watney and Haas.

Blackie Blackwell

Mine are Jay Haas and Brad Faxon. But then again, they're "Old School" like me. LOL

Dan C

I love Bill Haas, I will go to the same high school as him and love to watch him play! Hope he wins a lot in 2012!!!

John T

Gotta love Dad Haas and Son - good luck at your HS golf this year - make us proud!


John Cook - as I understand he just left another manufacturer. Can someone tell me what grips he's using with his AP2's?

Mo T

I have 2 - Steve Stricker and Bill Haas. Steve will always be my favorite but after Bill Haas flop shot last year from the water - he is joining the ranks.

Don O

Have to go with Steve Stricker.  He stays in the Madison, WI in the wintertime to stay with family.  ...Beats me and I live there.  His in-laws also run the pro shop that has worked hard to improve my game.  Have done me well.  I just hope I can get close to his short game at some point.  ...If Phil used Vokey wedges, I'd want his wedge game...

Dexter H

Jason Dufner is the man

Billy G

Brendon deJonge

Jacob L

I am good friends with Gary Woodland so he has to be my fav however I am also a big fan of Nick Watney.