Who is your favorite Titleist Staffer?

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Steve B

Just curious who is everyone's favorite Titleist Staff Player?  My favorite player is Bo Van Pelt.  I was so happy to see him join Titleist and he had an incredible year after making the switch. 


I like Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy.  Both guys have great golf swings.  If Adam Scott is putting well, he is tough to beat.  He's always a great tee to green player.

Mike W

Zack Johnson: his game is beautiful to watch. Plays to his strengths and doesn't get caught up in what others are doing. Never see him doing anything but smiling on the course and stuffing irons.


My favourite Titleist Staff player is Rory McIlory.2nd place include a tie between Watney, Matteo and Fisher and Stricker.

These guys are all easy to cheer for being humble and are great players. Hopefully they all  have a great year in 2011.

Jason P

Steve B....first off from your picture, thank you so very much!  To your question, Ian Poulter.  I believe in shorts and a t-shirt (polo when necessary) on the golf course, but Poulter is one guy you can't cheer against because of the clothes.  Watch him on Playing Lessons from the Pros on the Golf Channel & he is just another guy (while he wore shorts).  The list is huge when it comes to guys playing Titleist clubs or balls, but I wish the best of luck to him in 2011!


I like Adam Scott, but Rory is coming on strong.  I love both of their swings.

Tyler H

Steve Stricker all the way.


Gotta love the young gun Ricky Fowler and I also like Bill Haas alot.  Bill's pretty low key but what a great ball striker!

Steve B

Thanks everyone for their input,

By the looks of it, we have a lot of guys pulling for Rory and Ricky with the occasional Stricker and Johnson fans along the way.  Not much love for my guy, Bo Van Pelt, but I hope a few big wins in 2011 will change that!!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!!!



I like Bo.  I think this will be his year to move up in the standings.  He's got the game.


Dustin D

Rickie Fowler would have to be mine.

Cathy E

Not only is Steve Stricker my favorite Titleist staffer, he's my favorite golfer!  There are lots of players I am a fan of, but when it comes down to who I think emulates what golf is all about for me, Steve Stricker embodies that better than anyone else.

I'm so hoping 2011 is the year he can record is first Major!

(saw my first Masters commercial on ESPN yesterday and they've already got me excited... and it's only January!)

Ryan K

Adam Scott, without a doubt. Most sound swing on tour and he's a styling guy. His class represents Titleist. 

Michael W

Gotta agree with you hear. Stricker is just a really classy professional and I like because he just gets it done. He's not the longest hitter out there but has an excellent wedge game and is always grinding. Adam Scott because he has a gorgeous swing and because of his awesome equipment.

Geoffrey B

I have to also agree. Steve just has so much class and acts so professional.