Who is your favorite Titleist Staffer?

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Steve B

Just curious who is everyone's favorite Titleist Staff Player?  My favorite player is Bo Van Pelt.  I was so happy to see him join Titleist and he had an incredible year after making the switch. 


I like Zach Johnson and Steve Stricker.  

Ben M

Definitely Rickie Fowler, because he is a great golfer, and I love the style, and happened to already dress that way my self.  Also, he also makes a great effort to sign autographs and talk to the fans.  He personally signed my orange puma hat this year, and it really made my day.  Rory McIllroy is also very close to the top on my list.



Hope both of them have a great season this year!!


After listening to Kyle Stanley answer our Qs, it's apparent that Titleist is supporting some great new Pros. Of course the tried and true Stricker, Johnson, Van Pelt, McIlroy, and Fowler are well worthy of being fan favorites,   I like Kyle's attitude and he seems to be a great addition to the Tour Staff.


Steve B


I completely agree.  I will definitely be pulling for him this year.  Great player with a great attitude.  Glad to see him with Titleist. 


Right now, my favorite is Steve Stricker because of his humility and great putting.


Another one of my favorites is Briny Baird. My dad got invited to the HP Byron Nelson Pro Am and I caddied for my dad. We played with Briny and he was an awesome guy, an excellent player, and most importantly, a Titleist player.

Daniel P

Rory McIlroy, only being 3 years older than I am, I am completely jealous of his swing! Its hard not to like a 21 year old with a boat load of talent!

chris d

bill haas an d gary woodland

Zack B

i say Rickie Fowler as like these other guys here said cause im young as wellbut if i had to pick a older team staffer it be charley hoffman even tho he turn pro back in 2007 i think i still like him hes seems like a cool guy

Chris B

Bill's a great young golfer. I'd love to have his swing and tempo

Lefty MJ

Stricker, Haas, Mahan, Rory

Seth R

Gary Woodland! That dude is crazy long. Plus I beat him a few times in high school so that makes it even better he is out there playin with the big boys!

chris d


Zack B

rory mcilroy is my first but i have others as well