Rory McIlroy's Club Specs

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Matthew S

Anyone from Titleist know what the specs of McIlroys clubs are? Including length, flex, tipping, shafts on wedges etc...?? We can see basics under the Players Tab on the website but wondering about things like length and lie. Also seems like he put the old 906F2 back in the bag for his 4/5 wood. Thanks

Nathan W

this is just off his own website, anyway of getting his actual technical specs as original post?

Austin M

The only thing different from the recent post Is that I think he is now using the 712 mb irons... I don't know the specs of those though

Joschka Buchholz

After a successful fit with our Tour Team, Rory’s new specifications are listed below: Model: MB (712) Composition: #3-9 Shaft: Project X 7.0 Length: Standard (#6 iron @ 37.5”) Loft: 1° Strong (#6 iron @ 30°) Lie: Standard (#6 iron @ 62.5°) Grips: Golf Pride Multi-Compound Black/Yellow .580 (+1/64”) Swingweight: D2 Model: Vokey Design SM4 (Raw Finish) Loft / Bounce: 46.07, 54.08, 54.11, 60.04 Shaft: Project X 6.5 Length: Standard Lie: Standard Grips: Golf Pride Multi-Compound Black/Yellow .580 (+1/64”) Swingweight: D5 (46.07 @ D3)


Thanks for listing the specs.  It's great to see the set up.

Antonio D

Please can someone tell me the Rory's new driver Length on the new 913 driver shaft?

and rory stature? 

thanks just to keep up date it the data and see whats will get for next year

Skylar T

Not sure his driver length but I know he is around 5 foot 9 165 pounds