It's official- Luke Donald is player of the year

Started by : Josh G |

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Josh G

I’m sure nobody is surprised, especially after last week’s dominating performance. Winning both money titles is even more impressive IMO. It’s tough to not route for Luke- a class act all the way


Very very much deserved, what an incredible player he is - leading the tour in so many stats, and also dominating the European tour -  clearly the best player in the world.  I agree with you Josh - class act, 100%.

A lesson for all of us - In a recent interview (I think available here on Titleist) he emphasized the importance of the short game, and stats show that the players with the best short games cash the biggest checks.



Ben M

Big fan of Luke, and I'm very impressed by his performance throughout the year!  He really deserves this.  If I could highlight one part of his game, it is that he is such a consistent player, and he has a great short game too!




Jake L

Well deserved by him and his short game is so good he saved himself at disney with it!!

David Browning

Mr. Donald done a wonderful job this year and earned the right to be Player of the Year. I think that he'd make an excellent full Titleist Staff Player. Maybe someday.