Rory's New 3-wood

Started by : Christopher R |

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Christopher R

The announcers kept talking about it being new and him only practicing with it for a week.  I didn't get a look at it and can't find anything on the internet.  Anyone know what it is?

chris c

Looks like his 906f2.  Definitely bare face, black/bare sole, non adjustable....hmmmm.  Maybe just souped up? 

Josh G

I don't know what it was, but he was definitely juicing it!

chris c

Yeah, 906f2. They did a perfect freeze on 1st vs Westwood. Tour shop tricks and new shaft maybe.....

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Matthew S

It was the same as his old one just a new one, little more pop in the face but same head and same shaft.
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David Browning

Ahhh, the 906F2. I loved those woods. I'll tinker with them some times.