Alot Of Tour Players using 906f?

Started by : Hunter G |

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Hunter G

Why is it that alot of tour players are listed as using the 906f fairway wood? what makes them use that over the newer equiptment

Neil H

Hey Hunter,

i know that a lot of them stick to 3 woods that they are confortable with. I dont think it has to do with not wanting newer technology or equipment but its more of a comfort factor. They might like the look and feel of the older 3 wood vs. the new one.

all a matter of personal preference!

Hit them straight!!!

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

You are right Neil - several of the guys are just very comfortable with their fairways and want to stay with what works.  In last weeks match play event, Titleist was tied for number 1 in fairway metals played. Some of those players playing the older models are playing a mix like Jason Dufner who plays a 910 13.5° and kept his 906 18° and Zach Johnson who plays a 910 15° and a 909 18.5°.  The majority of our players have made the full switch to the 910 model.

Hunter G

Thanks. When rory said he switched what did he switch to the 910 or the 906 they didnt really say

Skylar T

The 906 just has a simple, compact, classic look and feel to it that makes it so hard to make a switch.  Once they find something they like... they stick with it.