Rory's Woods

Yea that stuff is crazy huh!

bob l

Does he put a new 910 3 wood in his bag ?

Why does he stay with the 906's ?

If I may be so bold to suggest, it's generally us amateurs who get caught up in the "newest" thing released.  I have noticed most seasoned players generally don't change their equipment much and typically rely more on what works best oppose to keeping up with the latest release or trend.  

My setup is built with a 10-year life cycle in mind.  I don't foresee replacing any of my clubs within the next 10-years (excluding my wedges).  Though, I might add the new driver in 8.5* flavor depending on how I hit it and if the feel is like the 910 D3 I currently use.  Oh, and if I can find a good deal, I may entertain the idea of purchasing a set of 710 MBs for the purpose of bettering my ball striking.

I read on Golf Magazine on the what's in the bag article they had Rory; and I was obviously wondering the same thing as you. Although he has all 910 headcovers, he still likes the 906 fairway woods because he likes the fact that they're completely neutral (as opposed to the standard 0.5 degree open setting) and he has more confidence in being able to fade and draw the ball on command with them and he's had them ever since he turned pro. And like you guys have said, when you hit a 3 wood past most guys drivers, why not keep the same 3 wood?