My favorite titleist brand ambassador is gary woodland because he is from kansas university

Well since i go to auburn university i have to say Duffy, but Adam Scott takes the top.

Gotta go with my Iowa Boy Zach Johnson!!

david smail

RORS all the WAY


Robert H

I am rooting for the home state product out of Washington state Kyle Stanley. I'm Irish... So I pull for Rory.

My personal ambassador was my father. I never played golf as a kid. I went of to San Diego State U and played baseball and got hurt. When I came home, my dad had a brand new set of Titleist in the garage for me. He told me "Son, this is the game I know you can play, now get to work". Six months later I broke par for the first time..... It was with him. All three of my brothers, myself and my dad have always played Titleist. Besides.... He was my hero, and I wanted to be just like him.


Gary Woodland