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David Browning

It's great to see him back on the course! I watched him the whole first round of the Aussie Masters and he seemed to be doing pretty good. He's a good player to begin with. He's been through A LOT, and obviously, has missed a ton of golf. To see him back out there playing is great! He was determined before, but, now, I think he's MORE determined. If he won this week(end), what an accomplishment that'd be! 

Hats off to you buddy. I wish you the absolute best, in golf, and life. 


Great thread David.  I watched the tournament last night as well.  It was great to see him hitting a ball in a tournament.  Regardless of his result this week, he has won.

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An awesome story.  Hope he finds much success this season and for many years to come. 

Cancer just plain sucks.


Mike C

They had a nice story about what Jarrod has gone through on the Golf Channel this week.  Great to see him back and on the golf course again!


It certainly is great to see Jarrod back, this is an accomplishment in itself.


Great to see him back not only to golf but to living life!  So happy for him  and his family to overcome something so serious.  

Really makes you think about what's important in life!

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David Browning

Definitely...sometimes, we take way too many things for granted. 

Some more good news...he made the cut. He himself wasn't even expecting to do that. That'll be a huge confidence booster. 

He's a fighter. Even when this stuff was first going on, he was playing some pretty darn good golf. Once he gets back in the swing of things, I think that he'll be a consistent contender on Tour.