Mixed bag!!

I was surprised to see Brendan Todd with a TM set-up and Titleist/Footjoy combination. Is that rare? At least he stuck with the best ball on tour!!!

To my understanding players can have partial contracts with companies. Such as a contract for putter use, irons, wedges, drivers etc. Top top names on tour have the most market value (obviously due to exposure and generally get larger contracts covering the entire bag). But all in all, most of these players would say they just want to play what works best for them regardless of company.

I think mixed bags are pretty common.  I noticed DJ putting with a Scotty yesterday, and he's on every TM driver commercial they make.  

I have read where some contracts for clubs are for a 10 club minimum, depending on the $$ value and length of contract. I would think when it comes to Putters any pro would prefer a Scotty whenever possible.

I should have phrased that differently. I was just surprised Todd plays all TM clubs, yet has a Titleist/FJ combo.