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Spieth's grips?

Bryce M

I saw a gold S on Spieth's club grips (not his putter). Anyone know what brand they are?

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  1. Sean S

    They are superstroke grips on his Clubs as well as his putter
  2. JMuller

    Super Stroke.
  3. Jim G

    Super Stroke
  4. Jaime L

    Superstroke I believe.
  5. Barry B

    Pretty sure they are the new Super Stroke grips for irons/woods.
  6. Robby

    I believe they are SuperStroke S-Tech grips
  7. BHylton

    superstroke more than likely
  8. Matthew S

    They are Super Stroke grips.
  9. MMazza

    Superstroke, probably. I know he uses their grips.
  10. Chris M

  11. MJackson

    They are new superstroke grips.
  12. Don T

    Super Stroke. He changed earlier this season.
  13. Kris D

    I believe he is using Superstroke grips on all his clubs now.
  14. Andrew B

    Hi there.

    Think he now uses the new Super Stroke grips on his other clubs and not just the putter...not sure of the model name but they look similar to Tour Velvet.
  15. Chris M

    He started using Super Stroke grips on all of his clubs, not just his putter. They're the S-Tech grips.
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