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Great season last year Hunter and awesome job at the Ryder Cup, keep up the great golf this year! My question is how do you keep such a great tempo under so much pressure? It just looks effortless when you swing and I would like to know your drills you work on to train yourself to stay in such smooth tempo. Thanks Hunter, good luck!


Good luck in 2011!

How does fitness play a part in your game? What workouts can I do to make my game better?



Hi Hunter, I love your golf swing,and enjoyed your article in Golf Magazine with your 5 best moves. Can you give me some tips on driving distance and accuracy. Looking forward to watching you play this season.Just recieved Sean Foley  The Next Generation, its a great video. Thanks and good luck.   Charles

What does your workout each week consist of?


Do you do more cardio or weights? How much each day/week?


Congrats on a great 2010, and best of luck for 2011.  Since you were at the top of the golf world, playing on the Ryder Cup team, and playing well in the majors last year, what are your short and long term goals for the 2011 season?  Focusing more on the majors?  Presidents Cup Team? or weekly tour stops?


Hey Hunter,

Congratulations for 2010. My question is, how do you believe College Golf prepared you for life on the tour? And if you would recommend it to aspiring golfers like myself. 

All the best for 2011.


when did you start playing ,and when you started did people tell you you had a gift or did you work for it or both


Mr. Mahan,

First off I want to wish you a great 2011 golf season! My question is how do you go about nerves on the golf course? I play in tournaments myself a few times a year and Im still really nervous when its time to hit the ball. Any tips?


Thanks for your time,

Josh P.

Thanks everyone for your questions!

Hunter's answers have now been posted on the Tour Blog.

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Thank you so much for answering my question!!!!!!!!  I think those tips that you gave can be very useful.


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