Rickie Fowler's Specs

Can someone tell me all of Rickie Fowler's custom specs?



I know he has a D3 8.5 set -.75 degrees with a Dinama white board shaft. He is currently playing the new 712 mb irons i dont know the loft length lie things but i know they are x100shafts. and he is using a Custom made scotty cammron putter. He did at one time have a custome made 7.5 d3 head but the moved away from that.

Rickie's iron specs are: Titleist MBs (4-9) with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X-100 shafts, standard length and 1 degree upright.  4 iron bent 2 degrees strong.  5 iron loft 1 degree strong and all other irons are standard loft. 


This may be a dumb question, but How the heck do ya'll know this stuff??

Sorry, had to ask.



From forums that we look up... Some do it on YouTube and some look it up here on titleist.com