Rickie Fowler's Specs

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Cam S

Can someone tell me all of Rickie Fowler's custom specs?



John L

I know he has a D3 8.5 set -.75 degrees with a Dinama white board shaft. He is currently playing the new 712 mb irons i dont know the loft length lie things but i know they are x100shafts. and he is using a Custom made scotty cammron putter. He did at one time have a custome made 7.5 d3 head but the moved away from that.

Todd P

Rickie's iron specs are: Titleist MBs (4-9) with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X-100 shafts, standard length and 1 degree upright.  4 iron bent 2 degrees strong.  5 iron loft 1 degree strong and all other irons are standard loft. 

Cam S


Joey R

This may be a dumb question, but How the heck do ya'll know this stuff??

Sorry, had to ask.



Austin M

From forums that we look up... Some do it on YouTube and some look it up here on titleist.com