Stevie's Apology

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Quintin H

First, I've never been a Stevie fan, but I've never been a fan of any caddy.

I saw the interview, and it never entered my mind that someone would find something offensive.

Who sat in front of their TV looking for something to cry about, my guess, a TV personality(commentator) looking to have something to talk about.

I got from the interview that either Stevie is a really good actor, or he is really happy with his current employment, I'm guessing the latter.

I did notice in the interview that Stevie didn't mention the Russians, now thats something to be upset about.

James B

I didn't really see antyhing wrong with his interview. He said he had a GREAT win and he was very pleased with the win. What's so wrong with being excited about a big win and being thankful for the win ?

Quintin H

I guess the only people that saw something wrong was the commentators, notice Thursday and Friday they kept bringing it up, I guess it didn't cause the uproar they were looking for, and hoping they could get somebody.....anybody fired up about it.

Hopefully this means the public has smartened up a bit and quit jumping on any bandwagon the commentators want to start.


But the interveiw was all about him not Adam.