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I'm about a 10 handicap and am taking my Playing Ability Test to qualify for PGA apprenticeship in about 2 months. I am very familiar with the course and have shot right around my intended target score before. The key difference for me will be shooting this score for a duration of 36 holes. I play a draw naturally, but tend to start cutting and sometimes slicing the ball off the tee once I get to the 3rd and 4th set of nine holes due to fatigue. Also, it will depend greatly on eliminating 3-putts as I do hit a lot of GIR's and am able to get up and down almost everytime when I do miss them. Any advice from low cappers or PGA professionals on steps to take to insure that I will only have to take this PAT once initially? Thanks.

keith a

Here's a recommendation from someone who plays tournament golf and has taken the PAT. If your shots aren't "cutting/slicing" at the start of you 36 holes, and as you say they are manifesting themselves in the last 18, it sounds to me that you have either a hydration problem, a nutritional problem or both. If you dehydrate or become under nourished, your muscles simply don't function optimally. Drink more fluids (hydrating types, not beer) and eat protein during your play. Be sure to eat a protein rich meal 2 hours before the start of your event. Also, make sure you consume SOME slow burn carbs prior to. Hydrating actually starts the day before and continues throughout. I hope this helps and good luck to you in your PAT and subsequent endeavors as a Pro. Oh, just so you know, I'm a +4 and definitely know what I'm talking about. I have a degree in kinesiology and sports nutrition.


Thanks for the advice.  Definitely more credibility than the poster above, no offense Nate.  I also have a degree in kinesiology (ASU, 2011) but focused more on the sports psych and biomechanics aspect of KIN.  I was suspecting it was a nutrition issue.  I have been supplementing with a higher ratio of carbs than protein so I will look into that.  I've been mainly focusing on my training regimine which consists of stability, mobility, and rotary power trying to build more Type 2x and Type 1 fibers in my larger muscles like my lats, delts, trunk and core, as well as glutes.  At this point it will be about proper preparation and diet leading into the PAT, like you said, and continuing to focus on endurance training in the gym.  Do you have any suggestions for good proteins to intake before and on the course?  




Carlo Angelo

Just like everybody says... PRACTICE... PRACTICE... PRACTICE!

As for those people who are just "posting" in discussions... one can easily tell if they are just fake and seeking attention. Let's just continue ignoring them...

Good luck TahoePeaks! 


Thanks for the support Carlo!



keith a

Hey Scott, I was just discussing this with a friend who takes his PAT this coming monday. I generally like to have a couple of eggs in the morning. They are supposed to be the perfect protein, but I'll have to take other's word on that. Anyway, eggs and some veggies will give you a nice protein to carb ratio. Oatmeal is okay as it is a slow burn carb. Avoid sugars, you don't want the crash in the middle of your round. I don't know if you are taking aminos, but they can definitely help. I have a friend who is a LPGA player and she takes aminos in the middle of her round. Go online and google L-Tyrosine, Huperzine-A and sulbutiamine. I think you could get all of them in an amino blend. That said, just go out and enjoy the moment. Have fun with it. You will play much better if you can stay relaxed. Remember, its a game, even those of us who pay the bills by playing it have to remember this. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Carlo Angelo

Hey TahoePeaks, how's it been? Just wondering how your PAT went? Its been over six months when this discussion started.

I did take my PAT as well this September. I did not manage to get the target score but was able to hit the qualifying scores on both rounds. Which I at least set myself to accomplish when I took the PAT. At least now I can start in preparing for the written test. And hopefully be able to register for Apprenticeship by next year.

Keep me posted. More power!