Garmin approach gps watch S1 or the new S3

Started by : Lefty FPL |

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Lefty FPL

Hello fellow TT members has anyone played with the S1 approach watch or own one looks interesting 

Marc J

Anthony D

Don't waste your time or money!

Anthony -

Can you be a little bit more descriptive?  I too am considering the S3 and would love to find some helpful feedback.

Anthony D

I have a Sky Caddie SGX and a friend of my got the gps watch. The watch was off by 5-10 yrds. I'm not saying that my Sky Caddie is right on but I can move it around to get it close enough. 

Lefty FPL

thanks for the feedback the new S3 has some upgrades to give more course information and reading the internet posting for the S1 all were very positive with a similar theme that distances were off a bit ( 5 yds) in comparison to other unites but who to say the other unites were spot on ?? Pulled the trigger and ordered one from Golfsmith now just counting the day till it arrives 2 -3 weeks!

Dennis G

Been using the S1 for about 5 months...Love it!