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Marc J

My fellow TT Members, let's provide Titleist management and marketing user-friendly stats in the form of an easy-to-read graph. Place your vote in support of a TT Store.

Are you in support of a Team Titleist Store?

Over the next 90 days, let's do our best to display our overwhelming support of a Team Titleist Store. 

Note:  This poll will expire on August 9th 2012.

  • Yes (100%)
  • No (0%)
  • Total Votes: 7
  • Voting Ended: 10 Aug 2012


I'd shop there exclusively!!! BRING IT ON!!!

Jeff H


Ron M.

Yes!!!!! need some new swag...

Steven S

Would totally buy some team titleist gear for the golf team!




Absolutely YES!. I purchased a Titleist Performance Institute hat and I was surprised at the response. Having TT apparel will definitely bring out the Titleist fans.

Joshua M


Bill P


    I'm really not in favor of a Team Titleist store....not because the items that they have aren't excellent, and not because I wouldn't like to purchase some of them, but because the items are special mainly because they can't be purchased....they're more of an honor to receive, and just being able to select them off the shelf would somehow make them less.....special.

  I guess I'm also a little afraid that this great community of Titleist loyalists will suddenly become a little too big and cumbersome, and will lose some of the special quality that drew us all here....

   This opinion definitely seems to be in the minority,'s my opinion....



Yes please!!! :)

Dr. Kovatchian

I'm on your side BP....TT Gear should be exclusive to it's members as "SPECIAL GIVEAWAYS"

The only advantage to a TT online store would be to quiet all the "En-Titleist-ed" people begging for FREE Bag Tags and Lanyards like they are owed something....

TT is about promoting the game and the Titleist Brand to it's many club playing loyalists in a "SOCIAL MEDIA FORMAT"

Just having the ability to ask questions of Titleist Staff and get feedback and answers from users is enough for me.

I'm sure they get tired of daily requests for free stuff.




I would rather see Titleist make it easier for the Authorized Retailers be able to order TT logos for thier customers.

I agree with Rick - let's have the TT logo available to Authorized Retailers (limit them to serious TT members) and we can purchase our gear through them.  Most of the Titleist products are not really set up for logos, but for the ones that are (bags, hats, balls), let the authorized retailers work directly with Mike D and the team for the orders.

John S

Bring on the store! My credit card is in hand...


That would be great. Definitely a yes from me!

Johnny C

Great idea!