Team Titleist Bag Tag

Sounds like an excellent idea. I have a Team Titleist hat, one of the lucky few so far, and wherever I go when I have it on I am asked about how to get one or how to join in order to get one.


Give it some serious thought staff. This would be a great way to let people know about the forum and also how great Titleist really is.

sounds like a great idea.

What a great idea and I would definitely get one.

I'd toss it on my bag for sure!

I am with everyone else on this.

I  would like one as well.  Would be a really great idea and addition to the bag.

Great idea. I'm all for it

I am in and was looking for one. Is it available?

What a cool idea, and one I would even spend a little money on. 

I'd love to have one on my bag - great idea!!

Love to see that happen!  Great idea.

Would love to hang one on my bag.  Good Luck getting these for sure!!


That would be awesome.  I play two courses mainly and I know that no one else who plays them are on TT.  Having them see my bag with the tag on it would make them want to join.  That is a great idea, and I would love if Titleist would do this.  Plus its easy and pretty cheap advertising for Titleist!

I am in.  Everything else I have says Titleist!

Sweet Idea.  I am down for a TT Tag...

YES PLEASE! great idea.