Team Titleist Bag Tag

Well Team TT you counted me in & sent me a awesome Bag Tag so i'm in. It will be displayed proudly.

Thank You 

Would hang one on my bag in a second!!

Don't hate Higgs!

I wish I could game this right now...  Thanks for the bag tag Team Titleist.  I really like the #MyTitleist idea.  I'll be posting some pictures up there for sure.  Happy New Year Mike and the TT family!

Totally agree, I think it would be great advertising as well!

Sweet!!! Here's mine, got it in the mail today!

I'd love one that would be awesome

I would defiantly place one on my bag.

A TT tag would be a great way for us to spread the Titleist name even more.  Great talking point in the club house.  

Very cool Tim!  And very jealous - it would look great on my staff bag!

Oh wow, this would be great as my 1994 Titleist Hole in One bag tag is getting a little ratty. 

Would for sure put it on my bag. Great idea. 

It's a great idea and I'm glad to see you guys followed it through.  How do I ensure I'll be able to get a bag tag as well?

I would love to display TT bag tag here north of Toronto.

See a number of people getting these. Are they going out to all TT members?

I got mine in the mail the other day. Can't wait to put it on my bag.  Thanks Team Titleist!!