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trey b

How many of you would like to see a TT bag tag? It would be great to identify other TT members on the course and a great way to promote Team Titleist to golfers that have never heard of it. 

Eric B

Hi Team Titleist, Can I receive one of those TT bag tag, will look awesome on my T83 golf bag, Thanks, TT.

Neal D

I've been playing DCI962s since 1997, and they've never left my if I could only bring myself to open the new box of Professional 90s (red number, not black!) it could be a time-warp back to 1999!

No matter what that bag-tag looks awesome, and I'd be proud to add one to my bag.

Skylar T

I'd definitely put one on my bag!

Luke T

As a long time Titleist customer with 14 Titleist clubs in the bag, and one of the few at my course committed to quality, yeah - I'd rock the TT bag tag.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Thanks for all of the feedback! Glad to hear you guys are digging the bag tags.

In terms of getting your hands on one, the first step is making sure your profile is 100% complete.

From there, the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist, from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments, the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these Team Titleist opportunities.

We'll be sending some more out shortly, so make sure your profile is up-to-date. You don't want someone at your old address sporting your Team Titleist gear.  :)



Shane H

Great looking bag tags! I hope I have one waiting on me!!! 

Ken E.

Thanks for the awesome bag tag TT, received it in the mail yesterday and it  will proudly be displayed on my new Titleist cart bag for everyone to see!

Zeeshawn S

I am in! I would love to proudly display that I am part of Team Titleist. Let me know how to make that happen.

Ric Y

I'd love one to show my titleist pride!!!

Eric C

Just received mine, very nice, and thank you.

Dave B

Team Titleist,  I recieved a Team Titleist bag tag in the mail yesterday.  I immediately put it on my bag, looks GREAT.  Thanks Titleist, now if we could only get rid of the 14 inches of snow on the ground.  Dave Blasiman  Salem, Ohio

Brad H

I would love 1 for my Bag


Ethan L

I would love one! My bag stays at the course I work at so all the members and my co workers can see the tag as well even when I'm not playing!

Fred C

I can't imagine any TT member NOT wanting a bag tag, especially if they use a Titleist golf bag.