Team Titleist Bag Tag

WOW- Thank you for the TT bag tag...will be on my Titleist "weekend" bag at the 2013 Cog Hill Eskimo Open tomorrow. Sun is out now, hopefully no snow today! 

Displaying Proudly!

That would be very cool.

TeamTitleist is the best, Thank You Titleist!!!  Received my tag yesterday, looks sweet on my bag!

Actually just got mine in Saturday mail.  Already on bag.  Look forward to spotting others around.  Thank you!

I would love to display TT bag tag in Sweden. Is this for US only?

I would love to display TT Bag Tag in Sweden. Is this for US only?

got mine yesterday thanks titleist looks good on the bag

absolutely!! count me in as wanting a TT bag tag!!


If there was one more titleist piece of equipment I would want, it would be a bag tag! 

Would complete my bag for sure! Count me in for one :) 

Titleist #1

Got mine in the mail Friday.  Couldn't wait to put it on my bag!  Check out the photo.... Thanks Team Titleist!

Was feeling a bit neglected with seeing all the replies about receiving the Team Titleist Bag Tag … and to my delight the package arrived this weekend and the Tag went immediately on my bag which has already received comments at my Club. Thanks again Titleist

Just got mine today!

Still no luck here.  Maybe I will get one soon :(.