Team Titleist Bag Tag


Thanks, TT, for the bag tag.  I've attached it to the bag in a prominent location.  

It's prominent no matter where you place it, bit on the large size.

I was wondering if there was still any way to get one of those sweet Team Titleist Bag Tags. Those things were pretty sweet and I was deff. jealous of people who got them.

I saw those a while back too. I just posted a topic about it but don't see it up yet but I really want one.

I just made a post about this but haven't seen it yet. I am wondering where to get a Team Titleist Bag Tag. Everything in my bag is Titleist and I figure I should have a Titleist Bag Tag as well. Please help me out.

Also I saw someone talk about Lanyards and Silicone Bracelets, these are both excellent ideas. Im not a big fan of lanyards but still a good idea and I would deff rock a Silicone Bracelet with that beautiful font that reads Titleist.

I've been seeing those as well. Are these tags availble to anyone? How do they look?

Would look good on my TM the ProV1x tho...

Me too!!!

I would like one as well

I would love to hang one on my new bag while playing the new ProV1X!!!

One of those would be sweet. I am curious as well.

I would love one.  I would for sure pay for it, and if you could personalize it..  That would be fun.

i would use it for sure ! 

every club  in my are titleist we need to be ABLE TO REPRESENT the BEST CLUBS and BALLS  in golf!

Yea lots of people sporting them, would be cool to have one for sure

looks like its something that just "happens." i hope is happens to me :)