Single Strap Custom Option for stand bags (TB1SS1-0A)

Started by : Mark M |

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Mark M

Looking to change my 2012 Titleist Premium bag to a single strap - I notice Titleist offers Single Strap option as a custom order, for instance the ultra lightweight stand bag TB1SS1-0A.   I would like to order the single strap piece off this bag, can you advise the part # or how to order?  I would be looking for the black strap.  My local Titleist shop/account said they could order it if I could find out a part no.


Lou G

David T

Desperately wanting the same help here. I have purchased the ultra lightweight bag and I really prefer a single strap. Could you tell me how to get one?!? Thanks!

I prefer the single strap because that is what I grew up with all these years.

Tyler W

bumping this because I'm very interested in getting one of these straps.

Mark M

My local Edwin Watts was able to order the strap kit, any Titleist account would be able to order one.  It is basically the strap and hardware that comes on the 13 and up Premium bag in a universal type kit, and retrofits to pretty much any Titliest Double strap bag.