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I was so proud to be featured in the TEAM TITLEIST Spotlight a while back.  Is this still a feature.  I would like to see any other stories about members featured recently.   I thought there might be a drop down box or link to Member Spotlights.



Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Deno,

Great suggestion on adding a feature to make it easier to find the member spotlight's. I'll talk to the team to see if this is something we can build in. In the meantime, the best way to find the different posts is to search for "Member Spotlight" in the search bar.

We've haven't featured someone in a little while, so thanks for the reminder! We'll get to work on this immediately.



  Thanks Mike.  Always a pleasure.


Thanks Tim.  I think the spotlight is a great place to meet other TT members and get to know more about them. 


Brian D

Great idea Deno!  Ever since your spotlight feature, I have never forgetton your name.  I thought is was a great write up and was nice to get a bit of the inside from a true player. 

If there is another feature, I would love to particate.  I think I must be one of the 1st members and would be honored for such a cool feature.

As Deno mentioned, it is neat to meet others of the community of golf.  Anything we can do to give back to the game we all love is an honor.



David Browning

I too think that the Member Spotlight was a great feature. It's always good to get to know other members on the forum. We're like family here.


Stay tuned, we have new member spotlights coming soon!

Chris S

That's great TT Joe! I always enjoyed the spotlights.

Chris S