Alignment sticks

What time will the winners be announced?

Vokey has some more!  Better hurry!  missed the first ones but grabbed these!!

Hey could I get my hands on them? 

i got these of ebay

here is the link for the site on ebay

Those are SWEET!!!

Great looking alignment sticks.   We'll all be watchin' the boards.

Thanks Mike

OMG where can i get those!!!

Your best place to get Titleist Alignment Sticks is either on or here at Team Titleist...both places you will just need to be patient and look for contests for when special sales occur. 

I have multiple pairs of Titleist Vokey's from the last couple of years plus a set of TT sticks...all are very cool...hope to add more to my collection to game in the future!  If you want the TT version you will need to stay active on this site!

I have a spare set if you are interested. Send me a PM if u are.

Still have that spare set , AJAR?

You gotta release some of those now. those are good looking.

Hi Andrew,

I tried to PM you but not sure if you received my message. Scott H has also voiced interest on the spare alignment sticks and in the interest of spreading the love I thought I might ask you to choose which ones you want (vokey or TT) and then see if he is ok with what is left. PM me to let me know either way, thanks.

Thank you.  I just sent you the PM

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi guys,

Check these out and let me know what you think...

Also, stay tuned to the boards as there may be something fun planned.

- Mike

. Would love to have these beauties in my bag