Limited Edition Team Titleist Alignment Rods - Check Them Out!

These would look great in my bag and I could use the help.

Thanks for doing this Titleist!  The number #1 company "ALL AROUND"! 

Sweet gear, if I had them I could learn to align on target instead of right of target!

Count me in for a set.

Hi Mike,

     Wow, these look great....!!! Thanks...!!!


Would love to try these out. Who doesnt need a little hepl!!!! Thanks Team Titleist

These would look great in my new titleist staff bag! Thanks

My alignment stick are my 15th and 16th clubs in my bag...never go to range without them....

The only thing left in my bag not Titleist are the Home Depot orange driveway markers.  The only thing I can buy in town.

Count me in!

I'm tired of using yellow, red and blue rods.

It's the best I've ever seen. Please count me in.

Hook a lefty up!

Looking forward to having them next to my 913 D2.

Very nice.  Would be put to good use.


My favorite colors Titleist white and Titleist black.