Limited Edition Team Titleist Alignment Rods - Check Them Out!

Started by : Mike D., Team Titleist Manager |

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Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

We know alignment is key to your swing, and we also know many of you have been looking to get your hands on some of the alignment rods you’ve seen out on tour. So, without further ado – we bring you the limited edition Team Titleist alignment rods.

These just arrived in our office and we wanted to have a little fun, so the first five (5) Team Titleist members who respond to this thread will win a set to call their own.

But don’t worry if you’re not one of the first five, we’ll also randomly select another five (5) winners from all approved replies that we receive before tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, November 7, 2012) at 6:00 PM EST.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: To enter, log into your Team Titleist account, reply to this thread and let us know what you think about this latest addition to our Team Titleist limited edition gear.

Sample replies: "Can't wait to put these in my bag!", "Count me in"  or even "Thanks Team Titleist" (anything like this will do).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be a Team Titleist member to enter. Only one entry per person, so please do not post multiple replies. Keep in mind, all replies are moderated by an administrator and it may take some time for your post appear on the site. If you post multiple replies, it will disqualify you from the drawing. We will randomly draw the winners from all approved entries.

(Sorry U.S. only. Here's some more info: Why are Titleist sweepstakes U.S. only?

Good luck!

Sweepstake Rules

Wade C

Thanks for doing this Titleist!  The number #1 company "ALL AROUND"! 

Trevor A

Sweet gear, if I had them I could learn to align on target instead of right of target!

Rick H

Count me in for a set.

Bill P

Hi Mike,

     Wow, these look great....!!! Thanks...!!!


brian k

Would love to try these out. Who doesnt need a little hepl!!!! Thanks Team Titleist

El Gato

These would look great in my new titleist staff bag! Thanks

Ron M.

My alignment stick are my 15th and 16th clubs in my bag...never go to range without them....

Don O

The only thing left in my bag not Titleist are the Home Depot orange driveway markers.  The only thing I can buy in town.

Rick S

Count me in!

Junwon S

I'm tired of using yellow, red and blue rods.

It's the best I've ever seen. Please count me in.

BU Lefty

Hook a lefty up!

Scott H

Looking forward to having them next to my 913 D2.


Very nice.  Would be put to good use.


christopher F

My favorite colors Titleist white and Titleist black.