Limited Edition Team Titleist Alignment Rods - Check Them Out!

Me me me me over here me me i want em me me. please pretty pretty please

I can always use some new titleist equipment. 

;Cant wait to put these in my bag  Walt OHIO

These look great...count me in!

Im soo In this... team titleist all the way!!!!!

Ok,  From a team Titleist member who still owns a set of aluminum shafted forged muscle backs, to Staff Titleist bags with my name on them from owning a pro shop, these are a fantastic idea!!!!    I have been a Titleist guy since my hole in one with an Accushnet Club Special golf ball when I was 15.

These are awesome......and if I don't win, please let us know how we can purchase some!!!


Joel Hambleton

These are amazing, I'd love them in my bag!!!!

These would be great to try out on the range with my 913d3.

These would compliment my already full titleist bag of goodies!

i would love to add these titleist stix  to my bag of tricks....

Dang, looks sexy! Will look even better in my 2013 black/red/charcoal cart bag thats currently in route as well. This would make my semi-pro friend who's all Titleist pretty dang jealous as well. So count me in to rock these on the links. And thanks Team Titleist for doing all you guys and gals do!! 

PS. It is my 28th birthday on Thursday the 8th! :) Just thought I'd plug that in! haha 

Thanks Team Titleist...I just left my alignment rod on the range last week

These would certainly help me with my game! And also look good next to my 695cb's, my vokey's, and my new 913! Loyal Titleist player for 20 years! J

"Count me in!!!"

Perfect practise aide.  will be put to good use.

Tom Watkins