Limited Edition Team Titleist Alignment Rods - Check Them Out!


Congrats to our first five winners!

joseph r

Christopher K

paul a

michael s

Alex A

We’ll email the winners in the next couple of days to get your shipping address.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and remember we’ll randomly select another five (5) winners tomorrow. As a reminder, if you’ve already posted in this thread please do not post again as it will disqualify you from the sweeps.

Here’s another thread you can post to if you just want to leave some more feedback, comments or thoughts: Alignment sticks



These alignment rods may be the only thing Titleist makes that I don't have. They'd be a welcome addition.

Count me in! these would be great for winter practice!!!

Nice hope I will not leave these on the range as I have with others !!

These are awesome I love the fact that we post about wanting something to show our support for TT and we get it. This is why Titleist is the best the listen to what the consumer wants.


Those are just plane awesome!  Would love to have a set!!!!


Thanks Team Titleist! This would def help bring my handicap down!

Great idea, these would look awesome in my bag!

Hi Mike, I am hoping I do NOT disqualify myself from the random drawing as I thought I responded last night, but did NOT see my post to the alignment sticks.


These would certainly be a great addition to my bag.  I would proudly game them on the practice tee during warm up sessions.


Thanks and I hope all is well with the Team.


Although I have never tried alignment rods, I would certainly give them a try.

Thanks for making Team Titleist gear available.  

count me in!

Another great idea from the best golf company in golf ! .Hope to have a set in my bag.

I could certainly use a set of these.