Limited Edition Team Titleist Alignment Rods - Check Them Out!

Hope I winnnnnn!!!!!!!! And good luck to all!

dan the man

do you know when we will get the alignment rods, thanks Walt.

Walter W

do you know when we will get the alignment rods, thanks Walt.

Hi Walt ,

We will be announcing the winners later today. In the meantime, here is the link to my update on the first five winners.

- Mike

Count me in!!!


Congratulations to all of winners! We'll be reaching out next week to confirm eligibility with everyone. In the meantime, please make sure you update your profile with your shipping information.

Here are the five (5) Team Titleist members that were randomly selected in the drawing:


And here are the first five (5) to respond winners...

joseph r
Christopher K
paul a
michael s
Alex A

Thanks again to everyone for entering! Stay tuned to the boards as we might have something else up our sleeve next week. You never know.  :)

count me in and cant wait to see these in my bag!!

I am definitely in!!!

awesome alignment sticks, hope to put them in my bag. thx

I would love a pair if these.  My rods don't look official enough.  These dare I say have "swagg".  That is what the young folks call it, right? 

I am so sorry for replying late, I got LASIK surgery this week and couldnt read the blog :(( got the surgery to see the golf ball better and what a way to start hitting the ball straighter with a set of these to go with my new eyes....  LOVE. YOU GUYS TEAM TITLEIST

P.S I hope you have one more set to spare..... 

Joe T

Damn! Watching the election returns caused me to miss out on this!!

these are awesome.  sign me up for a pair.

I want these really bad, I love Titleist

These are really nice for the bag!!!!!    Oh Yes!


Thanks! Those will help out my game a ton!