Limited Edition Team Titleist Alignment Rods - Check Them Out!

Those sticks will look good as I cruise down the fairways in Bayou country...

Wow! Thanks for all of the feedback. We didn't know these would be so popular. To answer questions about being able to purchase these alignment rods, they are not for sale and we only had a limited number of them made for Team Titleist giveaways.

Seeing all of the posts, maybe we'll do another second chance sweeps. Stay tuned!

I need some

Nice was planning on getting some alignment sticks from the depot but these would be fancy!

Lucky to be one of the 5 lucky winners. How long will it be until they arrive? Also out of curiosity how much do you think these bad boys are worth?

They look awesome, where can I get one?  I would buy it if I had too, great Christmas gifts.

Need some news rods.  I bought the cheap Home Depot driveway rods and they are starting to bend after a season of wear and tear.  I'd proudly pimp these on my range.

These will help with the work this winter season, Thanks Team Titleist

These look awesome, I can't wait to have a pair in my new Staff Bag.

Mike + TT!

The weather here in the North-East dictates range practice only but this gives me plenty of time to work on ball position.

Thanks for the alignment rods Mike! Here aligned to NYC.