Titleist Turkey

I helped my daughter last night with a project that she had for pre-school.  The kids were supposed to disguise their turkeys for Thanksgiving.  We decided that her turkey could be disguised as a golfer.  The clubs hide the turkey's feathers.  As you can tell by the photo, I cut out the brand of clubs.  We also designed some MyJoys for the turkey.  Thought I would share our turkey that my daughter named Valerie, but I called it the Titleist Turkey.   Some school projects are fun for parents.  :)

That is quite the project. You cannot go wrong using the best products and brands in golf, even if you are a turkey.

Very nice!! :)

That is by far the coolest turkey I have ever seen!  I love incorporating Titleist or golf into my school work!

Very cool!!!



That's a sweet poster, congratulations to your daughter.

Very nice

I was just wondering if you got shoe advice from Poulter. those deffinetly look like some Poulter shoes hahahaha.

I love it!  I think I saw your Turkey's relatives last Sunday

HAHA! Very cool. Can't wait to do these with my daughter, when she gets older.